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Friday, January 18, 2008

Poker, Horses, It's All A Gamble


'Confessions of a Video Poker Winner' by Greg Perry. When I heard that this book's writer mocked the French, I KNEW it had to be a great book! I wasn't disappointed!! Finally, a gambling writer that isn't stoic, who has some humor, but also adds PRACTICAL ADVICE for us lonely Video Poker players! I never knew how to take all the different casino comp offers and modify my playing strategies and locations based on those different comps. Although I'll probably never play in Kansas City, for example, his Kansas City chapter gave me GREAT INSIGHT into how to adjust to the various rules of whatever casinos I DO play at. Very readable, a LOT of funny material, all related to Video Poker (except for a slight detour in one chapter where he discusses the evening he and his wife gambled with William Shatner.)

'On The Fence' by Janet Barrett. This book starts with the one's child saying, "Mom, I want to ride a horse! Overwhelmed by fears of what you do not know and the expense of an activity you are afraid your child will give up too quickly (or not quickly enough), this book addresses all the questions parents face as they face them. Very easy to read and nicely laid out. I would recommend it highly to any parent who hears those words for the first time: "Mom, I want to ride a horse!" Use the Coupon Code Below at checkout to receive a Discount on either of these two eBook Titles.

Confessions of a Video Poker Winner - Revealing Answers for Casual Gamblers Who Seek the Real Truth Behind a Beatable Game (Mobipocket) eBook edition by Perry, Greg
Perhaps you only visit Vegas or some other gaming venue once every year or more. You can't invest a ton of time in mastering a game that you might only get to play for a total of 8 hours.
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ON THE FENCE (Adobe Reader) eBook edition by Barrett, Janet
This practical handbook shows how to pursue horseback riding in a way that suits the child as well as the family’s lifestyle and budget. From finding a stable and riding instructor and choosing a riding style to balancing horses and schoolwork and deciding whether to buy that first horse.
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